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Episode #44: Should You Share Your Oral Microbiome With Your Child?

January 11, 2022 Dr. Mark Burhenne - Functional Dentist Episode 43
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Episode #44: Should You Share Your Oral Microbiome With Your Child?
Show Notes

As kids, many of us grew up kissing our parents on the mouth. Today’s question centers around this, with a listener querying Dr. B’s advice not to kiss kids on the mouth! Tune in to find out why Dr. B advises against this, even though our ancestors have been doing it for centuries. We find out why this behavior was mostly okay in our past, but why it is a potentially dangerous habit in today's society. We break down how kids acquire their oral microbiome (vaginal birth and breastfeeding), and the alternative routes available for those who undergo C-section and/or can't be breastfed. Hear why it's so important for your kids to travel with their toothbrushes and the conditions that can be transferred when kissing. We also learn of the exciting mRNA test that will be coming out in early 2022, and what Dr. B has planned for us! Don't miss out on this important information. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How today’s question made Dr. B realize that he has not explained enough in this topic [0:00:30]
  • Today’s question: Can you share good bugs with your kids when kissing them? [0:01:47]
  • The difference between our oral microbiome and that of our ancestors [0:03:16]
  • How vaginal birth establishes the oral microbiome during birth [0:04:45]
  • Dr. B’s suggestion to populate the oral microbiome if the child is born via C-section, and/or can’t be breastfed: diet, and preventing mouth breathing [0:05:27]
  • The importance of physical affection with kids [0:06:44]
  • Why you need to be careful when teaching your child who to kiss on the lips [0:07:11]
  • When you shouldn’t kiss your kids on the mouth [0:08:01] 
  • Why your kid should always travel with their own toothbrush [0:08:14]
  • Looking at our ancestors’ lifestyle compared to our own [0:09:04]
  • Hear about the mRNA test coming out early in 2022! [0:10:01]
  • Wrapping up with the impact of the oral microbiome on our overall health and why Dr. B appreciates today’s question [0:11:09]
  • The exciting topics and business adventures you can expect to hear about in 2022 [0:12:18]

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