Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne

Abrasive Toothbrushes + What To Know

August 16, 2023 Dr. Mark Burhenne - Functional Dentist
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Abrasive Toothbrushes + What To Know
Show Notes
Did you know the design of your toothbrush plays a pivotal role in your dental health? It’s an everyday tool we often overlook, but it's time we bring it to the spotlight! We delve into the intricate world of toothbrush design, scrutinizing the significance of bristle design, stiffness, size, and pattern, as well as the brush head design and size. Discover how an abrasive toothbrush or toothpaste can gradually wear down your teeth, leading to sensitivity. We unravel invaluable tips for choosing the optimal toothbrush for maintaining a healthy mouth and smile.

We also shed light on the often overlooked importance of oral hydration and its crucial role in saliva production. Learn about the various tests you can conduct at home to evaluate your toothbrush, such as the thumb or finger test, the opaque test, and the sound test. To top things off, we delve into a comparison of some of the most popular toothbrushes in the market, from budget-friendly picks to extravagant options.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • 0:00:35 - Mistakes in Choosing Toothbrush Design 
  • 0:08:04 - Toothpaste Abrasiveness and Toothbrush Flexibility 
  • 0:12:12 - Sonic Toothbrush's Effect on Dentin 
  • 0:18:53 - Features of a High-Quality Toothbrush 
  • 0:23:32 - Toothbrush Ergonomics and Design 

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