Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne

Episode #74: Are you being "Fluoride Shamed" at the dentist?

December 12, 2022
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Episode #74: Are you being "Fluoride Shamed" at the dentist?
Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. B addresses the question; what are the alternatives to fluoride varnish on toddlers' teeth?  He highlights the dangers it poses to the human body and the alternatives to fluoride in varnishes and toothpaste. 

Dr. B explains the science behind the use of varnishes, the steps being taken to ensure available alternatives to fluoride varnishes and the challenges with creating and adopting these alternatives.

Key Takeaways

❏      Fluoride is a neurotoxin that should not be in our mouths because it gets absorbed, goes to the brain, and has permanent effects. Hence it should be removed from our toothpaste and water. 

❏      Fluoride varnish is a highly concentrated form of fluoride, containing 5% sodium fluoride, which is applied to the tooth surface after cleaning to help the teeth remineralize or repair themselves. 

❏      Varnish has chemicals in it that enable it to be painted on the tooth surface. With this, fluoride in the varnish can be continually released over three to four hours into the saliva to recalcify teeth. However, fluoride is toxic, and as it gets released into the saliva, it is absorbed into circulation through the oral mucosa from where it goes into the brain. 

❏      Although fluoride is widely used, there are not many good studies on it.  While some studies say it is good for the prevention of dental caries, the FDA only recognizes its use in desensitizing sensitive teeth but not as an anti-decay agent. 

❏      Currently, in the US, there are no well-known alternatives to either fluoride or the chemicals used to make the varnish stick. The only viable alternative to fluoride is a biomimetic material already in use in Europe and Japan, which contains Hydroxyapatite, a natural building block of the enamel and dentine. 

❏      Say no to fluoride treatment, and  address the causes of decay.  Use hydroxyapatite toothpaste two or three times a day.

❏      Very soon, hydroxyapatite varnish will also be available in stores.

❏      If you have been shamed about declining fluoride, find another dentist. 

Episode Timestamps

●     [01:50] A short overview of the dangers of Fluoride use. 

●     [03:32] About fluoride varnishes and why they should be discouraged. 

●     [10:08] Alternatives to Fluoride varnish. 

●     [16:57] How can the industry change from the use of fluoride?


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