Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne

Spermidine: A Supplement for Gum Disease?

August 22, 2022 Dr. Mark Burhenne - Functional Dentist Episode 65
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Spermidine: A Supplement for Gum Disease?
Show Notes

On this episode of Ask the Dentist, Dr. Mark Burhenne takes a deep dive into Spermidine and the many benefits it offers not only in optimizing oral health but also supporting longevity. He explains why this critical building block – widely available and well-tested – is essential (most especially if you’re undergoing treatment for gum disease). In response to a listener’s question, Dr. B spells out exactly how Spermidine, a naturally occurring polyamine, plays a vital role in cell function and survival. 


o     (03:30) A little background about Spermidine as a supplement to support both gum health and longevity.

o    (04:15) Understanding the concept of Blue Zones, as well as the inequitable access to healthy resources to support long, healthy lives.

o    (19:20) A closer look at the mouth’s vulnerabilities to inflammation, autoimmune over-response, and how it can be modulated by practitioners through gum treatment.


"Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest,"
by Dan Buettner.

"Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet -- One Bite at a Time," by Mark Hyman, M.D.

Oxford Health Span – maker of high-quality longevity supplements.

Study: The polyamines putrescine, spermidine and spermine in human gingival crevicular fluid

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Dr. Mark Burhenne is a bestselling author and family and family dentist who has been in private practice for 30 years. His focus is preventative and functional care with patients who come to him from all over the world. He received his degree from the Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is a TEDx speaker and his advice regularly appears on NPR, CNN, Prevention, Men's Health, and MindBodyGreen, and national television. 

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