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Why Do I Get Gum Pain After a Filling?

June 07, 2022 Dr. Mark Burhenne - Functional Dentist Episode 61
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Why Do I Get Gum Pain After a Filling?
Show Notes

Today’s question comes from Megan who found herself experiencing very serious gum sensitivity four days after getting a filling. In light of the fact that she has more cavities to be filled, she would like to know about the cause of this pain and whether or not she should be taking a different approach to the care of her gums in the future. In this episode, Dr. B explains the process of putting in a filling, how the technique of putting in a regular filling differs from a two or multi-surface filling, and how the band necessary for the latter can cause this post-op discomfort. He breaks down different scenarios of why you may experience discomfort at various points after your filling, what causes this discomfort, and how to treat it in each situation. If you suspect you may have any fillings in the future, tune in today to find out everything you need to know about the specific causes and treatments for any post-filling discomfort.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Today’s question: Why do some people experience pain or sensitivity after a filling and should one take a different approach to the care of their gums? [01:59]
  • The first of two scenarios of what you may experience after a filling and how you should treat it [02:59]
  • Scenario two: what a patient may experience on the third or fourth night after a filling [03:53]
  • Insight into the process of putting in a filling and why a band is often used [04:10]
  • What you can expect from the filling substance in a regular filling [05:55]
  • How the filling process is different if the cavity is in the side of the tooth [07:11]
  • What can go wrong with the band that can cause discomfort on the night of the filling [09:28]
  • How discomfort experienced three or four days later is usually caused by debris [10:58]
  • The third scenario as a combination of the previous two [12:42]
  • Why Megan should bring up her concerns with her dentist and consider a follow-up appointment [13:29]
  • Dr. B explains why there’s nothing different that she can do the next time [14:23]
  • What can cause post-op pain months or weeks later: an overhang [14:54]
  • What an open-contact is and how this can also be caused by the bands used in fillings [16:48]
  • A recap of the different things that can cause gum pain after a filling and how to tell which one you are experiencing [18:55]
  • Why it is possible to have a filling done and experience no pain whatsoever [19:51]
  • How common Megan’s problem is and Dr. B’s final words of advice on this topic [20:57]
  • The importance of always asking the dentist [22:32]
  • How to reach out to Dr. B if you have a question or find out more information [24:19]

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