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Episode #58: Tab or Toothpaste?

April 19, 2022 Dr. Mark Burhenne - Functional Dentist Episode 57
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Episode #58: Tab or Toothpaste?
Show Notes

With climate change being the issue it is, many people are seeking alternative packaging for health products that reduces their environmental footprint. One of these alternatives is toothpaste in tablet form. Today’s episode is centered around a listener's question of whether she should be using Bite tablets or Wellnesse toothpaste. We dive into the topic with Dr. B's appreciation for both brands, and why he is so grateful for the options that boutique brands are providing us with. We next move on to the pros and cons of tablets, such as the ingredients commonly used, whether or not they are broken down enough by chewing to impact our oral microbiome, and why they are sometimes more practical than toothpaste itself. We next hear about the pros and cons of toothpaste! Dr. B describes the necessary evils of toothpastes, why he prefers hydroxyapatite-based products, and why the premixing in a tube is potentially an advantage. So, to make an informed decision on your tooth-cleaning product, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s topic, and why Dr. B had to go through his shed [0:00:19]
  • Today’s question: Which is better, Bite tablet or Wellenesse? [0:02:13]
  • The brands behind these two products, and Dr. B’s thoughts on their ethics [0:03:23]
  • Why Dr. B likes the concept of a tablet toothpaste, and the pros and cons [0:05:36]
  • The other ingredients that concern Dr. B, and the benefits of hydroxyapatite [0:10:25]
  • Why Dr. B doesn’t like products that foam too much [0:11:20]
  • Dr. B’s major concern around the Bite tablet: does chewing it break down the ingredients enough to thin the biofilm? [0:12:25]
  • The best aspect of the Bite tablet: the convenience [0:16:30]
  • Testing toothpaste on your skin before using it in your mouth [0:23:53]
  • Comparing toothpaste to a tablet: the benefits of premixing [0:24:59]
  • A summary of Dr. B’s answer, and why he prefers toothpaste [0:26:08]
  • Dr. B’s appreciation for both Bite and Wellnesse as brands [0:29:36]
  • Why Dr. B is not against glycerin in toothpaste [0:31:08]

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