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Episode #53: How To Keep Your Retainers Clean Without Poisoning Yourself

March 15, 2022 Dr. Mark Burhenne - Functional Dentist Episode 52
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Episode #53: How To Keep Your Retainers Clean Without Poisoning Yourself
Show Notes

If you've ever investigated the chemical makeup of your retainer cleaner, you would have been horrified to discover toxic chemicals such as persulfate. Understandably, today's question is from a concerned listener who wants to know if Dr. B has any advice on how to avoid these chemicals. Join us today as we hear about the retainer and denture cleaning products currently on the market, and why Dr. B is so concerned about persulfate. We dive into the role of a functional dentist in not only identifying the side effects from retainer cleaners coming into contact with your mouth but also their role in preventing dental issues later in life. Discover some great tips from Dr. B on retainer cleaning habits, and his very own DIY retainer cleaning recipe containing all-natural and easily accessible ingredients! Lastly, we end off with Dr. B advising a visit to your grandparents to ensure they aren't at risk of ingesting some poorly labeled chemicals. Press "Play" now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The results Dr. B saw when he Googled “functional dentistry” [0:00:11]
  • Why a tongue-tie specialist should be present at your child’s birth [0:02:08]
  • A dentist’s role in screening for sleep disorders, and the ADA’s updated policies [0:03:49]
  • Keeping your retainers clean without poisoning yourself [0:04:53]
  • Today’s question: What is Dr. B’s retainer cleaning ritual, and what he would recommend [0:06:02]
  • Using denture cleansers for cleaning retainers, and why Dr. B stopped selling them [0:06:21]
  • What the FDA did when persulfate was identified as being an irritant [0:10:45]
  • How persulfate works to clean retainers, and how it’s taken up by your retainer [0:12:29]
  • Dr. B’s thoughts on why people mistake denture cleaners for other products [0:14:55]
  • What to look for to detect retainer or denture cleanser poisoning [0:16:01]
  • Why you need to clean your retainer [0:19:29]
  • The alternative denture and retainer cleaners that Dr. B recommends, and his routine [0:21:32]
  • Another instance where similar packaging resulted in healthcare problems [0:27:40]
  • Why you want a natural biofilm disruptor in your cleanser [0:28:42]
  • The DIY approach and why Dr. B favors it [0:29:43]
  • A wrap-up of today’s episode, and why you should check on your grandparents’ denture cleansing habits [0:31:47]

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