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Episode #51: Do I need to worry about mercury from metal fillings while breastfeeding?

March 01, 2022 Dr. Mark Burhenne - Functional Dentist Episode 50
Ask the Dentist with Dr. Mark Burhenne
Episode #51: Do I need to worry about mercury from metal fillings while breastfeeding?
Show Notes

One of the most widely known recommendations for women while pregnant is to avoid eating fish due to the mercury content. But what about amalgam fillings? Today's question is posed by Emily, a concerned mother who wants to know if her breast milk is safe for her baby to drink because of the metal fillings she has. Join us to find out why Dr. B has both a short and a long answer to today's question, and why he believes that it is safe for Emily to be breastfeeding. We hear all about the forms of mercury that are present in our environment, and which are the most dangerous to our health. Dr. B explains why he doesn't use metal fillings anymore, and why getting them removed during pregnancy or breastfeeding is an absolute no-no. We also hear a list of things that contain mercury that we can absorb and the test that Dr. B recommends to quantify your mercury levels. For all this, and so much more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How wildfires made Dr. B think about the functional approach to dentistry [0:01:48]
  • A different definition of functional dentistry from a fellow functional dentist [0:02:40]
  • The short answer as to why Emily shouldn’t worry [0:07:25]
  • Why Dr. B stopped using metal fillings [0:14:16]
  • Mercury in human milk and why fillings won’t affect the baby [0:15:29]
  • Why you shouldn't get an amalgam filling removed during pregnancy and the procedures that protect you if one is essential [0:23:56]
  • A summary of today’s episode [0:32:28]

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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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A Link to an Article on Dr. B's Favorite Filling

Links to Studies on Mercury in Breast Milk

Mercury and Lead During Breast-feeding

1990 German Study Showing No Correlation Between Number of Fillings/Surface Area and Fetal Mercury Levels 

2017 Paper on The Replacement of Amalgam Fillings Increasing the Transfer of Mercury to Baby  

SMART Member Listings on the IAOMT

Mercury Tri-Test and Blood Metals Panel

Mercury Fillings Dangers, Who Is At Risk & Removal Checklist

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